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Jan 21, 2013 10:00pm PST
move. she said 49ers fans are born in her family. and ryan here in san jose says he's a super fan who has front row season tickets since 1991. >> and we'll be showing more fan photos later on. keep them coming at >>> now it's 1 thing to be a fan of the 49ers, it's quite another to afford a trip to the super bowl. still, it's nice to dream. >> here's on exactly what it would take to get there. >> reporter: first off you need the hall pass and then you've got to get days off from work, but most importantly, you need a boat load of cash. >> at the 49ers official team store in palo, alto, it's a question many fans have asked. >> are you going to the super bowl? >> no. >> are gug to give me tickets? -- are you going to give me tickets? >> the laws of supply and demand will be in you'll effect of the the cheapest seat is $2,000. air fair is about a thousand. halfway decent hotel will run you 500 a fight, and then the meals, car rental and suf -- suviniers. >>> both are seriously thinking about going. for 2 people, that's close to $10,000. >> you're a student and you've got 10
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1